The Process: Jett

It’s that time again. Another process update.

Jett began with the linear diamond pattern I had created in my first textile launch. She was called Uvy.


I liked Uvy but I thought I she could use some improvements. I wanted to keep the diamond but make it more intricate and textural. So I set about doing this. I was interested in trying to replicate the texture of denim jeans. I quickly became aware that creating texture with printed over woven design is a tricky process. None-the-less I was determined. So I started by studying denim texture.

Image result for texture of denim

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I noticed that denim runs diagonally and is composed of many linear lines. Therefore, I knew that I needed to create the texture through the pairing of lines. I got busy playing around with lines and eventually landed on these.


I digitized the image to create symmetry and then decided to stack the squares to add a linear element to my first original Uvy design.

For Jett, I wanted masculine colourways. I went to my local paint store and played around with some colour schemes. I sent away for sampling and these came back.


I ended up falling in love with the deep navy and greeny-brown colourways. I’m still a fan of the bottom left light tone-on-tone green colourway and might add it to my fabric collection in the future. What do you think… Did I settle on the right colourways? Which ones would you have chosen?

Happy Decorating!



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Jane Meets Ruby Textiles was born from the influence of two creative souls in my life- my mother, Jane and my grandmother, Ruby. From each of them I learned the joy of creating beauty from a few simple things, and I worked to hone these skills to apply them to my love for textiles and design. Each and every pattern is hand-created by me, then printed and sewn 100% in Canada, ensuring the utmost quality and craftsmanship for your project. Gravitating towards simplistic shapes juxtaposed with ornate details and earth-toned colourways, you'll find my textiles seamlessly blend old and new world design aesthetics, lending themselves well to a variety of styles and applications. In this way, I hope to add timeless, well-crafted textiles to the spaces you so thoughtfully designed. Thank you for welcoming my art into your beautiful home! Myra Scott