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Masculine. I wanted a masculine-like textile because so often I feel like textiles are quite feminine. Perhaps feminine is key to attract the females that LOVE pillow combinations but I was going to try making my version of a “man pillow”. I don’t know if I’ll ever succeed in that department but here goes nothing!

When I was brainstorming masculine art, I immediately thought of fields as my father was a farmer and spent many hours there. And yes, I don’t want to create stereotypes. I realize woman are just as capable of farming as men, but to me, fields remind me of my father.

So I started searching for images and fell upon these aerial views of fields. I liked the linear nature of them. I also remembered biking by fields and fields of Amish hay stooks as a child because we lived by many Amish. So the combination of these two things started the vision of my masculine-like textile.

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After studying these images and trying to determine an artistic orientation of how to lay out this textile, I recalled how Susan Connor used one line down the middle of one of her textile creations. I liked the idea of creating my textile around this central line- the line would represent the road separating the fields. Oh how I wish to be as talented as Susan Connor someday. Her textiles are so intricate and so beautiful…. I’ll keep dreaming. 🙂

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So my pencil work began with my vision.


I then digitized these pencil sketches and arranged them in a manner similar to how Amish hay stooks appear in a field. I love blues and decided to steer clear of the golds associated with hay-although in hindsight I’m sure that would have been a beautiful combination. I ended up with a combination of blues, blacks and beiges that seemed masculine to me.

After viewing this design on my computer for many months, I wasn’t convinced about it. I was ordering other samples so I decided to order a sample to see how it looked on cloth with doubts I would continue with it, but when it arrived I thought it paired beautifully with my other prints. I’m glad I gave it the chance it deserved.

So with no further ado meet Ford. Handsome and familiar. Minimalist and simplistic. Inspired by Amish stooks in a field.


Happy decorating!


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