The Process: Allie

Hello all. It’s me again with another process piece on how the textile came to be.

It all started with the birth of my third child: Audrey. I had originally started this art to create a wallpaper for her room but I decided against it and ended up making it into a fabric instead. I love it all the same and hope you can now enjoy it as well.

If you can’t tell, this started with playing around with the letter “A”. I like the symmetry of the letter A and thought it would be pretty in art form. I also wanted it to be feminine so I decided to pack the A full of flowers of which I carved from lino block and then went on to hand-stamp each flower.

I then digitized the final linear A that I was happy with and created a floral motif on my computer using the stamped flowers. I layered the flower motif over the letter A. Finally, I played around with the orientation of the A’s and ended up with a wavy-like effect that seemed very feminine but quiet and simple.

I ordered two colourways in this fabric: a light pink with teal and a light cream with blacky-brown. I didn’t want this fabric to be too feminine so I ended up just falling for the light cream paired with a blacky-brown design. I love the barely-there floral. This fabric holds a special place in my heart as I created it a month after my daughter was born. My super sleep-deprived brain came up with this vision. 🙂


This may just be my pillow combination for spring!


Happy decorating folks!



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Jane Meets Ruby Textiles was born from the influence of two creative souls in my life- my mother, Jane and my grandmother, Ruby. From each of them I learned the joy of creating beauty from a few simple things, and I worked to hone these skills to apply them to my love for textiles and design. Each and every pattern is hand-created by me, then printed and sewn 100% in Canada, ensuring the utmost quality and craftsmanship for your project. Gravitating towards simplistic shapes juxtaposed with ornate details and earth-toned colourways, you'll find my textiles seamlessly blend old and new world design aesthetics, lending themselves well to a variety of styles and applications. In this way, I hope to add timeless, well-crafted textiles to the spaces you so thoughtfully designed. Thank you for welcoming my art into your beautiful home! Myra Scott