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I woke up to a winter wonderland today. I was shocked to say the least. When I get a taste of spring weather, I always feel like it is here to stay and forget that good ol’ winter can come creeping our way again. After all, we still have one more day of March. I’ll take the cold weather and heavy snowfall as an excuse to stay warm inside and write some process pages-how did I come up with my textile designs.

Happy reading.

I started Maya with a vision of wanting to create a Paisley print; however, I knew I wanted each of my new textile pieces to be like a piece of art. I wanted them to be intricate. I wanted it to show the ours that went into creating each and everyone of my textiles. So I started with gathering Paisley prints that inspired me.

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After gathering inspiration, I started out playing around with a shapes.

Eventually I ended upon this diamond-inspired paisley motif and filled the shape with henna art. My Aunt married a man from India and when I was 18, I was lucky enough to make a trip to India to visit them. India has always been so awe inspiring to me so I wanted to fill the shape with henna art from old photos I took while visiting.




Then I digitalized the image to create a symmetrical image of what I had created. At first I had hand-carved each piece individually but found it difficult to put together digitally so I hired a stamp maker to create the final product.



Stamping to make unique repeats followed. Once again, I digitized these unique prints and made the paisley prints much larger in scale. I only ordered three colourways of this print. I thought I would choose one colour and have to go back to the sampling process but when they arrived I couldn’t make up my mind because I felt they were all so beautiful. Each spoke to me. I decided to go ahead with all three. So with no further ado meet Maya in Russet, Ocean and Midnight!







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Jane Meets Ruby Textiles was born from the influence of two creative souls in my life- my mother, Jane and my grandmother, Ruby. From each of them I learned the joy of creating beauty from a few simple things, and I worked to hone these skills to apply them to my love for textiles and design. Each and every pattern is hand-created by me, then printed and sewn 100% in Canada, ensuring the utmost quality and craftsmanship for your project. Gravitating towards simplistic shapes juxtaposed with ornate details and earth-toned colourways, you'll find my textiles seamlessly blend old and new world design aesthetics, lending themselves well to a variety of styles and applications. In this way, I hope to add timeless, well-crafted textiles to the spaces you so thoughtfully designed. Thank you for welcoming my art into your beautiful home! Myra Scott