A New Year and a fresh perspective

It’s 2019! A new year brings a fresh start. I’m here with a clearer vision of where I hope to take my brand, Jane Meets Ruby Textiles.

With the arrival of my third child in 2018, my creation of textiles, and therefore, the sales of cushion covers really slowed-yes, partly due to sleep deprivation and lack of time but also because I was debating whether or not I should continue with the business. The slow down was good. Initially, I felt a sense of panic before arrival of baby three to create and launch my new textile line. But I’m happy my desires did not work out as planned.

First off, the time allowed me to do some deep thinking-really reflect on what I wanted. Was creating textiles and trying to sell them really something I wanted to do? Was running my own business really worth the time commitment with a young family in tow? Ultimately, I decided that yes, this creative outlet was needed. I’m an introvert and naturally need quiet to recharge. And children are generally far from quiet! So after they are in bed, getting creative and losing myself in the creation of patterns is therapeutic.

Secondly, it gave me time to reflect on whether or not I was creating textiles that really embodied what I loved when decorating my own home. I discovered that I always gravitate towards earth-toned colourways and simple geometric patterns so I wanted to create textiles that represented this attraction.

The time also allowed me time to hone my craft. For those of you who are not familiar with me, I am a self-taught textile designer (I used to be a Registered Nurse). Hand-crafting textiles is a journey I more or less stumbled upon because of my love for materials, design and creating things. So I’m happy the extra time gave me time to perfect my craft. Over the last half year, I have created, failed, created, failed, created, and succeeded with some intricate, geometric designs. I’m hoping these new textiles will inspire you and your home as much as they inspire me.

And finally,  I was able to reflect on how I wanted to run my business. I knew one, I wanted to make my fabric available for purchase by the yard. So yes, you can now use our yards of fabric to make anything your creative mind is dreaming of. Two, I wanted to have samples available so you could personally touch, feel and look at each fabric and design in person. Three, I wanted to reach out to designers and decorators with a Trade Account Program. And finally, all our cushion covers are now made to order. Yes, that means there is now a 4-6 week lead time (sometimes longer), however, each cushion cover is made specifically for you with quality and love. And you will be happy to know that by making each pillow cushion to order, you are helping us keep our environmental footprint to a minimum by ensuring only the fabric that is needed with be made and cut.

Here’s to hoping that 2019 is a successful year!

Thanks for the warm return.

Myra, Founder of Jane Meets Ruby Textiles

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Jane Meets Ruby Textiles was born from the influence of two creative souls in my life- my mother, Jane and my grandmother, Ruby. From each of them I learned the joy of creating beauty from a few simple things, and I worked to hone these skills to apply them to my love for textiles and design. Each and every pattern is hand-created by me, then printed and sewn 100% in Canada, ensuring the utmost quality and craftsmanship for your project. Gravitating towards simplistic shapes juxtaposed with ornate details and earth-toned colourways, you'll find my textiles seamlessly blend old and new world design aesthetics, lending themselves well to a variety of styles and applications. In this way, I hope to add timeless, well-crafted textiles to the spaces you so thoughtfully designed. Thank you for welcoming my art into your beautiful home! Myra Scott